Thursday, October 22, 2009

MLN Badges

Agents Rookie Badge
Agorie Honor Badge Rank 1
Agorie Honor Badge Rank 2
Agorie Honor Badge Rank 3
Agorie Honor Badge Rank 4
Agorie Honor Badge Rank 5
Beta Testers Badge
Brickmaster Badge
City Rookie Badge
Headline Hero Badge
House of Gauntlets Badge
House of Mantles Badge
Kanoka Club Badge
Keys to LEGO City Badge
LEGO Club Magazine Badge
LEGO World Event Badge
Old Timers Badge
P.O.S. Badge
Racers Game Beta Testers Badge
Racers Rookie Badge
S.P.A. Badge Rank 1
S.P.A. Badge Rank 2
S.P.A. Badge Rank 3
S.P.A. Badge Rank 4

There will probably be more badges coming soon but fro now these are the only ones. Also, I don't think anyone knows how to get the Brickmaster Badge. If you do, tell me and you will be rewarded with 50 clicks on your MLN Page.


  1. there's two exclusive badges you're missing the Lego Insider Badge and the Lego Creator Badge but only 3 users have got the lego creator badge and 3 users have got the insider badge so I guess it doesnt really matter. And Also there may be a Lego Creator Theme so Let's hope that will be released so we can get more badges.

  2. can you say what games you need to play to get those badges?